Who We Are

Big Island Wisteria, LLC was established by Kagari Fujita PhD in Hilo, HI in 2004 and moved to Spokane WA in 2014. 

Kagari Fujita PhD Employment History

President, Big Island Wisteria., LLC                                       July 2004-

Banyu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., a Member of Merck & Co.               July 1996 –June 2004

Medical InformationCenter, Manager

  1. Devised, created and managed the Banyu Internet homepage (http://www.banyu.co.jp/), The Merck Manual Medical Information Home Edition in Japanese (http://mmh.banyu.co.jp/) and The Merck Manual 17th Edition in Japanese (http://merckmanual.banyu.co.jp/)
  2. Led a team of 5 to create, maintain and continuously develop webpage
  3. Active member of the Merck Asia Pacific Country Homepage e-Team

Banyu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., a Member of Merck & Co.                    July 1995 –July 1996

Research and Development Activity Monitoring, Manager

Overseeing and monitoring of R & D activities including:

  1. Evaluation of research projects
  2. Time and personnel schedules
  3. Quality control

Banyu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., a Member of Merck & Co.                    March 1992 –July 1995

Patent Department, Manager

Managing the general administration of patents including:

  1. Preparing and writing patent applications for domestic and international use
  2. Acting as a liaison between patent attorneys and R&D
  3. Overseeing literature and structural searches related to patents

Banyu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., a Member of Merck & Co.                    June 1989 –March 1992

Associate Research Chemist

Conducted research on:

  1. The synthetic study of novel cdc-2 and tyrosine kinase inhibitors as antitumor drugs
  2. The design and synthesis of novel anticholesterolemia
  3. The synthetic study on receptor antagonists for endothelins

Chemistry Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago             Nov. 1986 –June 1989

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Conducted research on the design and the synthesis of the non-peptide mimetics of biologically active peptides

Nippon Soda Co. Ltd.                                                                                        1977 -1986

Associate Research Chemist

Involved in the research and development of:

  1. Novel antihypertensives based on PAF.
  2. Novel herbicides, and in particular, the generation of a novel herbicide, Sethoxydim Sodium, whose maximum sales reached 10 billion yen per annum.


The University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois

Post Doctoral Research Associate at the Department of Chemistry     1986-1989

With Assistant Professor Michael Kahn


The University of Tokyo, Japan

Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

With Professor Masaji Ohno                                                                                        1983

Title of Thesis: The synthetic study toward the Platelet Activating Factors, PAFs


Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

M.Sc in Biochemistry                                                                                                    1977

B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry                                                                                          1975