Our Service to You

We offer high quality translation service between Japanese and English. 


Translation between Japanese and English are provided. The fields are: medicine, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, general engineering, general business, and legal (intellectual property) documents.


 English to Japanese 0.09 USD per original English word

Japanese to English 0.12 USD per target English word

(Or 5 yen per one Japanese character)

The above rates are negotiable for a large-volume document.


Proofreading and Edition

Proofreading and edition are available.


     0.03USD per English word


     25.00USD per hour

Hourly Rate:

     25.00USD per hour

Our Clients

  1. County of Hawaii, Hilo, HI USA
  2. University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hilo, HI USA
  3. National Cancer Research Center, Japan
  4. Medical Tribune Inc. Japan
  5. Novartis Japan
  6. Nanosolar Inc., CA USA
  7. Medi-Phi, Japan